To be an enterprise development enable in order to realise sustainable economic growth in Africa. Enterprise development and community resilience through entrepreneurship and job creation are pivotal to Africa's sustainable development which will raise the standard of living for Africa's and their communities.


To be a catalyst for economic growth in Africa by unlocking the potential of Africa's human capital through teaching entrepreneurship to enable resilience in communities at the rural level, drive economic sustainability through investment in Africa's intellectual capital, and motivating indigenous innovations and inventions that can be commercialised.

Our Values


Stimulus Africa is a people-centred organisation that strives to help enterprises find their purpose and ignite their passion all the while working in collaborative ecosystems hence our ethos of, “growing together”.



Our philosophy is that innovation and invention in Africa should be driven by a fusion of indigenous knowledge, technology and modernisation to produce sustainable solutions to Africa's problems.


Ideation that brings you out of the box requires creative thinking. The ability to 'see differently' appreciating alternative perspectives is critical. Creativity is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship.


Respect and accountability, ensuring that we treat our people fairly is important to us. We also strive to ensure that everyone is treated the same and that all people have a voice and space.



As enterprise development practitioners, the work we do is focused on driving sustainable economic growth towards private sector development. The work we do can be categorised into two specific pillars; that is Enterprise Development and Ecosystem Development.



Enterprise development begins with the entrepreneur, the individual(s) driving the vision of the venture and working to grow it daily. Fortifying that individual by giving them capacity support through the Stimulus Pivot Institute Incubator (PAP business modelling tool)) and Accelerator (PAP PLUS+ scaling and financing tool) programmes that enable the entrepreneur to develop a strong business model for their enterprise is the primary focus here.


An entrepreneur once capacitated requires a conducive environment for the growth of the enterprise. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to ringfence the enterprise in an ecosystem that can cacoon it in the early years and enable establishment and stability. An effective enterprise ecosystem provides; mentorship; knowledge repositories to enable learning; networks (including value chain development and market linkages); and advocacy (championing a more conducive operating environment).