What is the Creative Economy Masterclass Accelerator Program? 

Stimulus Africa's accelerator programme, the Creative Economy Masterclass Accelerator supports established creative enterprises to grow and achieve long-term sustainability. This program enables the creative entrepreneur to test and refine their business models, develop a sustainable approach to growth, streamline their operations, green their enterprises and prepare for eligibility to traditional and alternative finance. Participants will also receive leadership training, personal coaching and mentorship throughout the programme. Participants will have access to a virtual board, networks for market access, quality management, project management training and more.

The 2018 cohort have automatic access to a part-scholarship worth US$1 150.00 per enterprise that is funded by the Zimbabwe German Society | Goethe Zentrum Harare. 

Participants will have to fund their own travel and accommodation, personal project, additional coaching sessions/workshops and training materials (outside of the workbook).

 Eligibility criteria:  

* The candidate(s) must run a creative enterprise

* The enterprise must more than 3 years in existence OR have a turnover of US$ 5 000.00 / month

* The candidate(s) MUST commit to participating in the program fully for its duration both the training and the practical application activities set out.

Are you an established creative working in one the following creative sub-sectors: Music, Performing Arts, Radio, Television / Film,  Journalism, Software Development, Gaming, Fashion, Visual Arts, Digital Arts, DJ, Spoken Word, Comedy or Theatre and more - If Yes then this is the programme for You!


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