Stimulus Women

Stimulus Women Network is an online business networking platform for women entrepreneurs within Stimulus Business network. Stimulus Women seeks to provide women entrepreneurs with the tools necessary for their growth and establishment in the market.

The online platform aims to provide up to date information on current market activity from innovative female entrepreneurs, electronic resources for personal study and group mentoring  sessions delivered through mentor prepared content. Our approach is to support women holistically.


To build capacity in women entrepreneurs in the following ways:

  • Engaging through dialogue
  • Informing through online resources
  • Inspiring through testimonials of other women entrepreneurs
  • Supporting through mentorship, peer coaching and networking

Stimulus Africa has a vibrant women’s  network which runs various programmes designed to support women’s economic empowered. Its flagship project is the Women Empowered Program[WEP] empowers women through capacity development acceleration in entrepreneurship, leadership and mentorship training and support. This programme has a sub-programme called WEP 4 Girls which is designed to support grass roots girls from very poor families who come from urban, peri-urban and rural backgrounds. WEP for girls focuses on Confidence Building, Entrepreneurship Basics and Mentorship. Stimulus women also runs dialogue events the primary platform being Women in Entrepreneurship Dialogue [WED] and has run a number of these events in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in Harare. It also runs a dialogue series focused on women contributing to the development of ‘Resilient Communities’.

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