Training and Consultancy

In order to support the growth of a progressive and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Zimbabwe, Stimulus runs an innovation centre in the heart of the city of Harare. The Stimulus Innovation Centre is a hub which provides:

Business Incubation

Stimulus Africa's incubator programme,  develops the business skills of entrepreneurs supporting them in realising business success. This program enables the entrepreneur to develop a sustainable business model and this is achieved through both theoretical training and practical application. Participants will also receive personal coaching and mentorship throughout the programme. Participants will have access to project management training, green enterprise skills training and more.

Business Acceleration

Accelerator supports established  enterprises to grow and achieve long-term sustainability. This program enables the entrepreneur to test and refine their business models, develop a sustainable approach to growth, streamline their operations, green their enterprises and prepare for eligibility to traditional and alternative finance. Participants will also receive leadership training, personal coaching and mentorship throughout the programme. Participants will have access to a virtual board, networks for market access, quality management, project management training and more.

BET-Business Basics Course

Business communication

This course aims to help the participant develop the proficiency needed to succeed in today's technologically enhanced workplace by focusing on the development of professional oral and written communication skills. Having good oral communication and writing skills is imperative in today's workplace.







Leadership development

The Stimulus Coaching style focuses on helping the client to discover answers for themselves as they are guided by a Coach through their development process. We firmly believe that each individual has the answers they seek within them, they just sometimes have trouble identifying the answers and they may also need help in verbalising and acting on them and that is where coaching comes in.


Personal Development
Project Management

Project Management

This course has been designed for individuals and teams that have project or programme management as a key aspect of their job role.It aims to help the participants develop the proficiency they need to succeed in running projects efficiently as they gain an appreciation of the fundamentals of project management.

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Resilient communities-‘These are enterprises run in rural communities either by one person or a group of people seeking to establish sustainable livelihood initiatives for themselves. Micro Enterprises-these are enterprises that have the potential to be sustainable long term and many of them are social in nature, serving the community around them with sustainability drive Scalable Enterprises- these are enterprises that have the potential to scale and create decent jobs primarily through manufacturing, value addition and have a sustainability drive.