The Stimulus vClub is made up of four pillars


This is a key element of the vClub philosophy, of 'being the change you want to see' and going further to identify what is missing and find solutions that work in you context.

Driver: This pillar will be driven by an annual innovation challenge that seeks to inspire indegienous innovation & inventions, whilst supporting the creator to accelerate their idea to market where it is commercially viable whilst supporting the individual to get the intellectual property protection required.



Creativity is the outward expression of an internal process of self-appreciation and self actualisation and is therefore an important component of holistic grow and development in individuals. Encouraging creative expression supports the promotion of an appropreation of the right and responsibilities of the citizen

 Driver: Theis pillor promotes user generated content and responsible execirse of ones' freedom of expression.


Entrepreneurship is a skill-set that can be used as a tool if harnessed, to give the individual access to self-sustenance and economic emppowerment. Stimulus Africa will generate this content and share it on the platform.

Driver: Developing an entreprenuerial mindset in the individual which can be channelled towards entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.


Collaboration is the point of intersection between self, what self-ofeers the world and what the world offers in return. it speaks to the interconnectedness of people and designed to encourage cross-faculty and cross institutional collaboration for common causes.

Driver: Ubuntu | Hunhu | Oneness - 'Growing together'